Our Story

Meet the people behind Bradley's Jewelers

Bradley's Jewelers offer their clients a timeless selection of beautiful, wearable jewelry at fair prices in an ambience that is inviting and engaging! Owners Brad and Colbi are dedicated to making each purchase a memorable one, reminiscent of days gone by, when spending time with your jeweler was a special occasion. They offer their guests the best of themselves and their expertise with personalized service!

Bradley's opened in 2003 just off Sanibel Island, then expanded in 2007 to the Park Shops at Andrea Lane in Fort Myers. All merchandise is hand-selected for its beauty, quality and value! We invite you to visit us and see for yourself what it means to shop with a third generation jeweler!



Bradley Congress

Brad, co-founder and third generation jeweler, began his career in 1984 with his parents, Larry and Dee Congress, in their jewelry store on Sanibel. Brad excelled in gemology and became a (GIA) Graduate Gemologist in 1991. He furthered his studies becoming a Certified Gemologist trained (AGS) and a member of the Numismatic Association.

Brad is considered to be a foremost authority in his field and is often the “go-to” person for challenging jewelry consultations, like identification of natural and synthetic diamonds. He is a strong proponent of self-education and his patrons are the benefactors.His expertise is often requested for area speaking engagements as well.


Colbi Congress

Colbi, Brad’s wife and business partner, was a television news producer when the couple met on a blind date in 1996. Born, raised and educated in Miami, she earned her bachelor of science in communications at the University of Miami in 1990.

Colbi received her practical business education thanks to parents Marvin and Caron Leff who were also entrepreneurs. They are a constant source of inspiration, encouragement and counsel for Brad and Colbi. The combination of their collective personalities, experiences and talents gives this store its own brand of warmth and innovative panache!


Kiwi "Nut" Congress

Kiwi, Bradley's distinguished colleague has a very special "Pet-i-gree"! Her ancestry hails from European Nobility but she made her way to us from the mountains of Colorado! One special benefit of her nobility is that she is hypoallergenic for those with sensitive noses and skin.

Kiwi keeps the fur flying here at Bradley's! With her flair for the dramatic and high flying abilities, she is a natural fan of the Acro-Cats. She has a penchant for the finer things, hence, Kiwi can be found lounging amongst the gems and jewels, ready to help you with your selections. If you're lucky you'll maybe receive some affection, a possible lick or the occasional brush off.