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It’s a good idea to have your appraisals updated about every five years. Insurance companies only insure to the date of last formal appraisal. So if your diamonds or other valuables have gone up over time, you will not be compensated to today’s market value for replacement purposes. Appraisal fees should never be based on a percentage of the value of your jewelry. It gives the jeweler motive to over price your jewelry. And you wind up paying more for you insurance in the long run. Charges should be based on a per hour or flat rate basis. When looking for a qualified appraiser it is generally best to have a graduate and/or certified gemologist do the work. These days, most insurance companies only accept appraisals completed by Graduate Gemologists.

It’s important to ask many questions when looking for a fine gemstone. Ask to view the gem under magnification to see what types of identifying characteristics it may have. It will help you understand the particulars of cut, clarity, durability and authenticity of the gemstone. Ask to see more than just one like gemstone, to make educated comparisons. Ask what treatment may have been performed on the gem. Remember, you have the right to know and the jeweler has the obligation to inform you prior to purchase. But the best way to get the most accurate information concerning gemstones is to ask to consult with the store’s Graduate Gemologist.

One of the most endearing stories of giving precious stones to your love can be traced back to the Emperor Penguin. When the male desires to court a female, he often presents a single stone that he selects to be suitable for his intended. He then lays it at her feet as a gift. If she accepts, then they mate for life! And very often, the stone is kept and used to crack open the eggs at the birth of their offspring. Remember, whatever precious gift you give, be sure it’s from the heart.

The link between Valentine’s Day and Diamonds can be found in the tips of Cupid’s Arrows. In Roman mythology, it is said that when Cupid, the son of Venus, first became the messenger and matchmaker of love, his arrows couldn’t always pierce the toughest of hearts. Some had armor too hard to penetrate. So the God’s summoned Adamantias, the Unconquerable Warrior, who was famous for using diamond tipped arrows. Cupid tried these diamond tipped arrows and since then has been sending his message of love through diamonds for thousands of years.

To spice up your romantic life, try Rubies, as did the Greeks, over 2,500 years ago! When they first discovered this shiny red rock, they named it Ruby, which means red in Greek. They thought this was a gift from the gods and therefore, must have purpose. They quickly realized it was one of the toughest and versatile stones ever found. And therefore, much folklore began to grow. For example, the color red was known to ignite passion and because of Ruby’s brilliance and color, they considered it to be “frozen fire”. Fire, Heat, Red… Passion. So when Ruby was given as a gift, the suitor’s intentions were made quite clear!

Diamond is the birthstone for babies born in April. And, what do you know, it’s tax time too. Coincidence? When beginning a new relationship with a jeweler, you should feel as comfortable as possible. So, if you need your jewelry cleaned and checked, ask to watch the process. It’s not an unreasonable request and the jeweler should be understanding and happy to oblige you. It’s a good idea to have your fine everyday jewelry cleaned and checked twice a year. If your prongs seem to be catching fuzz, it’s time to have your stones checked for security. A small adjustment may be all that is required. And it’s always a good idea to check your stones yourself, by simply holding them between your index finger and thumb to see if they move. Finally, when dressing for your day, make sure your jewelry is the last thing you put on. This way you avoid hairspray, makeup and perfumes from corroding pearls and dulling the luster and brilliance of your precious metals and fine gems.