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Cupid's Headquarters

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The link between Valentine's Day and Diamonds can be found in the tips of Cupid's Arrows? In Roman mythology, it is said that when Cupid, th son of Venus, first became the messenger and matchmaker of love, his arrows coudln't always pierce the toughest of hearts. Some had armor too hard to penetrate. So the Gods summoned Adamantias, the Unconquerable Warrior, who was famous for using diamond tipped arrows. Cupid tried these diamond tipped arrows and since then has been sending his message of love through diamonds for thousands of years. Happy Valentine's Day!

Stones speak the universal language of love

Did you know…

One of the most endearing stories of giving precious stones to your love can be traced back to the Emperor Penguin? When the male desires to court a female, he often presents a single stone that he selects to be suitalbe for his intended. He then lays it at her feet as a gift. If she accepts, then they mate for life! And very often, the stone is kept and used to crack open the eggs at the birth of their offspring. So, during this holiday season, remember, whatever precious gift you give, be sure it's from the heart. Happy Holidays!